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Nice to meet you!Avatar - Paul M.

My name is Paul and I am a moderator for the WebSite X5 Community

I'm also an animal loving, pipe smoking, fully paid-up member of Generation X

I started programming in the 1980s.  When the internet arrived I turned my attention to web development

My language of choice is PHP  -  I love its power, logic, and the eloquence of its syntax.
Like many programmers there are times when my diet consists solely of caffeine and tobacco!

I first got involved in the WebSite X5 Community as part of a desire to 'give something back', having benefitted from the expertise available on the World Wide Web for many years

I try to contribute as often as I can but like many of us my free time is limited, so please bear that in mind

As a matter of principle I make no charge for advice or assistance: however, if you feel I have helped you then please consider making a donation to Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre  (that's all the thanks I could possibly wish for)

"Ancora Imparo!"
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