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 Changelog - Search the WebSite X5 Help Center

November 2020

- New dropdown for choice of interface language  change language

September 2020

- Simplified the search interface by concealing the advanced search settings  advanced search settings

June 2020

- Set language of the search form automatically on first visit

April 2020

- Fixed a bug which prevented translations from showing on some of the fields in the multilingual search form

 July 2019

- Optimised results under low yield conditions

- Improved efficacy of the 'exclude' filter

- Search results: added link share feature

- Search results: added pagination & navigation

- Enhanced user feedback during search

- Algorithm optimisation: filtered some weak/irrelevant results

- Search results: improved highlighting of targeted words

- Added 'search by commentator' feature

- User interface: added Danish language translation

- User interface: added Portuguese language translation

- User interface: added Turkish language translation

- User interface: enhanced language selection options

- Added search engine script performance timer

- Algorithm optimisation: increased results yield by ~500%

 June 2019

- Initial release
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